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Career Planning

Career Planning

Germanics majors and students with advanced level competency in German pursue a large variety of different careers after graduating from UW. Some pursue the study of German literature and culture at the graduate level with the aim of becoming college teachers, others get a teaching certificate at the College of Education and teach German at local and regional high schools, some get a professional degree or have successful business careers either in America or abroad.

The UW Career Center has suggestions for Making the Most out of your Major (PDF) and a list of sample careers for language majors. They have also produced a PDF with career path information targeted for German majors. The UW Career Center can help you envision your professional life after graduating from UW and help you write an effective resume:

The UW Carlson Center can help you with internships which are a great way of linking what you learn in your major with real life applications outside of college:  Also see our Internships page.

The Center for 21st Century Liberal Learning combines the University of Washington's research strengths with our students' interests in creating real-world contributions. Our specially designed programs feature immersive learning experiences, partnerships both on campus and in the community, and a network of mentors to help guide students on the pathway toward selecting a major and preparing for a career after college: C21: The Center for 21st Century Liberal Learning

Career Resources


Job Boards (esp. for those interested in entering for-profit or online): 


Computer-assisted language learning:

Computer-assisted language instruction Consortium (CALICO)

International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT):



Husky Jobs: 



GALA (Globalization and Localization):

(includes a job board: )

LOC World (Localization):


ISS information (International School Services)


E-Learning Guild:  

Hire Education:


Master of Teaching (MIT)

A Master of Teaching (MIT) degree leads to a career as Secondary Teacher.


Why Study German

There are many great reasons for learning German.  Language-learning increases cultural understanding and critical thinking.  Germany is the home of some of the world’s greatest thinkers, a leader in innovative technology, and the largest economy in Europe. Visit our "Why learn german?" page to learn other reasons that German can help you acquire valuable life and career skills.

Alumni testimonials:  

Career Paths for German Majors (PDF)