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  • In: Rethinking Nature: Challenging Disciplinary Boundaries. Ed. Aurélie Choné, Isabelle Hajek, and Phillippe Haman. New York: Routledge, 2017. Learn more
  • Christof Mauch visit December 2015. Learn more
  • "Visionen von Natur vor uns: Alfred Ehrhardt fotographiert und filmt Urformen der Natur." Studian Theodisca (2015). Learn more
  • "German Ecocriticism and the Environmental Humanities." German Studies review 38 (2015): 635-52. Learn more
  • Learn more
  • Sabine Wilke. German Culture and the Modern Environmental Imagination. Brill Rodopi: 2015 Learn more
  • "Anthropocene Poetics: An Ethics and Aesthetics for a New Geological Age." RCC Perspectives 3 (2013). Learn more
  • Perspectives 3 (2013) Learn more
  • Art + Science = Environmental Humanities. Video, 2013. Learn more
  • "Anthropocenic Poetics: Ethics and Aesthetics in a New Geological Age." Rachel Carson Center Perspectives 3 (2013): 67-74. Learn more
  • The Future of Ecocriticism: Research, Pedagogies, Institutions, Publics": November 1 - 3, 2013. UW campus. Learn more
  • Advocacy Spot: Inform about Environmental Problem and Give Ideas on its Solution Learn more
  • Diversity in the Anthropocene :: Project Two Learn more
  • Diversity in the Anthropocene :: Project One Learn more
  • German 298: Literature, Culture, and the Environment: Diversity in the Anthropocene Learn more
  • Food, Animals, Waste, and Climate    Learn more
  • Sabine Wilke: Literature, Culture, and the Environment: Food, Animals, Waste, and Climate in the Anthropocene. Learn more
  • Learn more
  • Learn more
  • Learn more

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