Lecture Podcasts

What are Podcasts?

Podcast is a neologism combining iPod and broadcast, although by no means do you need an ipod to play a podcast. Essentially, a podcast is series of audio (or video) files that are periodically updated with new content. You can subscribe to a podcast (see below) and your computer will check to see if there are new episodes and automatically download them. You can then play the audio on your computer, burn it to a CD, or put it on your mp3 player (such as an iPod).

We recommend using Apple's iTunes, as it works well with little to no set up.

How to Subscribe to Podcasts

1. The easiest option is to use iTunes.

If you have the program installed already, clicking this link will automatically give you a subscription. If you do not have iTunes already, you may download it for free. iTunes works on both mac and windows computers.

Within iTunes, click on the Podcast option in the left column. "UW Germanics Lecture Series" will appear in the Podcast column on the right. To see the individual lectures, click on the triangle next to the title. The most recent lecture will have already downloaded, to play it, highlight the episode and click the "play" button (a triangle in a circle in the upper left corner of the program). To receive additional lectures, simply click the "GET" button next to each lecture. You will receive future lectures automatically.

2. Other options

If you choose not to use iTunes, there are a variety of programs that can be used as podcatchers. Of these, we recommend Juice (download). Once the program is installed, click on the "Podcast Directory" tab and paste the following link in the input line of the window. For more information and instructions, read the programs read_me file.


3. Further information

  • Wikipedia article about podcasting
  • Podcasting FAQ from the UW Classroom Service
  • Apple/iTunes introduction to podcasting