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Michael Neininger

Program Specialist

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(206) 543-4580
DEN 360
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Fall 2018: Monday-Thursday 9.30am-2:30pm


Misha Neininger is a writer, artist and translator.

In 2015, Neininger wrote and directed Offending the Audience, an anti-theater-surveillance-tour-de-farce. In collaboration with Portland-based Liminal and John Berendzen, Neininger orchestrated a complex musical, visual and conceptual score: sonically, rhythmic sung- spoken textual textures interact with an electronic soundscape and fractured media self-reflectionssurveillance technology confronts the audience fumbling with messy feedback loops in the dark.

Born in Nuremberg, Neininger grew up in Berlin (somebody had to) and moved to N.Y.C. after the fall of the wall to study film, art and philosophy. He has more than 15 years experience in arts, business, education, and nonprofit management in Germany, Australia and the US.

He has served as interim director of the Jacob Lawrence Gallery at the School of Art and as executive director of 911 Media Arts Center in Seattle, a nonprofit organization that supports media artists and filmmakers.

During his career, he has been editor-in-chief of Onscreen Magazine and has held communications positions in the entertainment and technology industries. He served on the jury of the Seattle International Film Festival and worked as a consultant for curatorial projects and online publications. He managed fundraising events and lectured at universities and museums. He teaches German language and translates German with a passion for accuracy. Currently, Neininger serves as notary public and program specialist at the Department of Germanics, University of Washington.