Poster Gallery

Posters and flyers used to advertise events and courses in our department.

Berlin street scene
detail from Edith London painting of Hilde Bial-Neurath
Vienna, Austria
UW Campus view from atop Denny Hall
Spring in Vienna 2016 group
Spring 2016, GERMAN 304: Contemporary German Play with Instructor Kristina Pilz
German 390 Berlin the Layered city
course poster for German 390
course poster for German 298
Letter from Olga Schnitzler
Germanics Graphic Art by S.N. Welch
course poster by S.N. Welch
conference poster by S.N. Welch
German 371 poster detail
German 390A poster detail
Germanics course poster 13-14 by S.N. Welch
Germanics course poster 2014-15 by S.N. Welch
language learning poster
film series poster by S.N. Welch
course poster by S.N. Welch