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The Tele-Novel: Class Projects

The Tele-Novel: Seriality and Visual Storytelling (German 390), Learning Team Projects, 2015

How should we watch TV? How does the small screen tell stories and create characters of novelistic complexity? In this course, students explored both the external constraints of television production (economic and institutional systems) and the collaborative artistic creation of the final products.

Students worked together in learning teams. Each team was assigned one season of a TV show, and they completed five unit projects on different aspects of their serial.  Please check out the websites showcasing their excellent work here:

Tele-Novel Portal to Student Projects

You will find the results of their research on The Wire, Breaking Bad, Heimat, and Firefly.

This course was cross-listed with Comparative Literature and Communication.

Professor: Ellwood Wiggins; TA: Olivia Albiero