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Spring in Vienna

Spring in Vienna 2019 poster
Spring in Vienna 2019. Poster design by Stephanie Welch.
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Info Session and Pizza Lunch on Tuesday, November 13th, 1:30 - 2:30pm in Denny 359. Stop by to find out more about the 2019 program!

Spring in Vienna is offered every spring quarter and is open to all students at all language levels.

This program includes two four-week intensive language courses during the months of April and May (10 credits); during this time students will take part in guided tours through Vienna's most famous sights and museums (3 credits). From the middle of May to the middle of June, students will take a seminar on the culture and society of contemporary Austria (3 credits). For work done during the "Spring in Vienna" program students will receive 16 credits, which are computed as follows: 10 credits for language courses, the level of which will depend on background and placement; 6 credits of German 399. Students are required to participate fully in the rigorous program in order to earn credit.


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