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Graduate Exchange Programs

The department currently maintains an exchange program with the University of Münster. Normally one or two students may spend a year in Münster, and the same number of students from Münster come to our program. UW Students in Münster hold the equivalent of a teaching assistantship here to teach English in the Language Center at the University.

Students must have completed the MA to be eligible. Application is made to department Chair late in fall quarter.

With the prior approval of the Chair or Graduate Coordinator 27 credits can be transferred from Münster in accordance with the following formula:

  1. 7 credits for each seminar at the level of Hauptseminar or higher in which a Schein indicating satisfactory work is earned.
  2. If appropriate seminars are not available, up to 14 credits (7 credits per course for which a paper is written) may be earned by taking lecture courses for which a seminar-type paper based on the material of the courses is submitted to this department upon return.
  3. Up to 6 credits may be earned as research credit in a project approved by the Chair or Graduate Coordinator in writing.