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Erin Price
We asked students in our first- und second-year language courses why they learn German. Here are some of their answers: Erin Price, Sociology Major: Why I learn German: "The German culture has such an influence in our contemporary American life and sometimes I don't think we realize it. Learning the language brings this into perspective for me and helps me appreciate just that! Being that I'm a Sociology Major, I get to dive into the great German minds of Simmel, Tönnies, Marx... Read more
Ben Green
Benjamin Green, History Major: "I decided to learn German for a variety of reasons. In large part, the decision was made out of respect and admiration for German culture, history, and people. While in high school, we had far more German students on exchange with us than from any other nation. A few became my friends, and remain so to this day. They were all curious, intelligent, and spoke English at a high level. While a student at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, I... Read more
Benjamin Levy addresses GERM 422. Photo by Jason Groves
On January 13th, the Henry Art Gallery offered a private tour of Paul McCarthy’s exhibit (“White Snow, Wood Sculptures”) for students of German 422 ("Tales of the Romantic Imagination: Fairy Tales and the Fantastic”). Assistant Curator Benjamin Levy and Deputy Director of Exhibition Luis Croquer offered a wide-ranging introduction to McCarthy’s work and interest in the reception of fairy tales. These graphic, grotesque, and yet remarkably alluring objects offered an excellent... Read more
Winter 2017 Film Series in Germanics
Winter 2017 Film Series Woman with a Movie Camera: German Films by Female Directors During winter quarter we'll explore a selection of German films by female directors, including the highly acclaimed Toni Erdmann by director Maren Ade (2016). Films will run from January 12th -- March 2nd; check our events calendar for details. Screenings will take place in Communications 120 and are open to UW students, faculty, and staff. Films will be... Read more
German Campus Weeks at the UW
The Fall German Campus Weeks are sponsored annually by the German Embassy in Washington, DC. The topic this year was “Germany meets the US.” The UW German campus community participated with several exciting activities inside and outside the classroom such as a weekly film series on “Heimat meets Hollywood”, planned by our lead TA Jasmin Krakenberg;... Read more
Why I learn German - Lydia Castro
We asked students in our first- und second-year language courses why they learn German. Here are some of their answers:   Lydia Castro Major: Linguistics with Germanics minor Why I learn German: "While it might seem like it makes sense for a Linguist (as someone who studies languages) to study German and other foreign languages, I actually chose to learn German for different reasons. I initially wanted to learn German because it is a language of science and music. I play bassoon (a German... Read more
Annegret Oehme - Photo credits: Jesús Hidalgo
Annegret arrived at the University of Washington after receiving her doctorate in May 2016. Originally from Zwickau, Germany, she came to the United States to obtain a Ph.D. degree in German at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s and Duke University’s combined graduate program. For her dissertation, she researched the adaptations and transformations of Wigalois, a text narrating the adventures of an Arthurian knight, across different languages (Yiddish and German) as well... Read more
Anke Biendarra
UW graduate Anke Biendarra (Ph.D. 2003) is an Associate Professor of German at the University of California, Irvine, where she teaches in the European Languages & Studies department. From 2015-17, she serves as the Faculty Director for the University of California’s study abroad programs in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. Based in Berlin, she has been continuing her research on the contemporary, specifically the question how German-language writers explore their cultural and civil identities... Read more
Olivia Albiero
I am writing from San Francisco, where I recently joined the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at San Francisco State University, with a joint appointment in the German and the Italian programs. I am currently teaching a beginning Italian language class and a course on Italian culture and civilization, in which students embark on an interdisciplinary journey, from the mythical origin of Rome to present-day Italy. Through various cultural products across different media, students... Read more
Kelly Miller
Much has happened for me since graduating from the UW Germanics program and from the Jackson School of International Studies in 2011. I have been living in Berlin since the fall of 2011, where I have worked in (higher ed and primary) education, journalism, and German-English translation. I received my Master's degree from the Free University Berlin in Social and Cultural Anthropology. I also began a popular blog on multiculturalism and diversity politics through the lens of Berlin called... Read more