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Student Ambassador Sara Koeck
February 6, 2018
Our Student Ambassadors are undergraduate Germanics majors who want to connect with prospective and current students to share their experiences and support them with the college/major decision process. Here is our first Student Ambassador Sara Koeck:  "After graduation, I wish to go into international business with a focus on marketing and advertising. I am especially interested in the specific advertising strategies that come from the differences in the German and English... Read more
Ghostwriting: W. G. Sebald’s Poetics of History
January 30, 2018
  Richard T. Gray, Ghostwriting: W. G. Sebald’s Poetics of History. New Directions in German Studies. London and New York: Bloomsbury, 2017.   Book Abstract:   Ghostwriting provides a comprehensive picture of W. G. Sebald’s prose fictional narratives and the poetic practices that define their literary artistry. It examines his four major works of narrative fiction, Schwindel. Gefühle (Vertigo), Die Ausgewanderten (The Emigrants), Die... Read more
Verena Kick
January 23, 2018
Verena Kick received a “Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship” from the UW Simpson Center for the Humanities for Summer Quarter 2018. This fellowship enables her to finalize the digital component of her dissertation based on her dissertation chapter on Kurt Tucholsky’s Deutschland, Deutschland über Alles (1929). Her digital project, entitled Revolutionizing the Public Sphere - The Invasion of the Working Class in the Media of the Weimar Republic, reimagines the presentation of... Read more
Denny Hall at UW Seattle, photo by Michael Neininger
December 13, 2017
Thanks to the following donors for their generous support of the Department of Germanics. Private contributions help us support undergraduate and graduate students, sponsor public lectures, and provide resources for faculty and student research. If you would like to donate to the department, please visit Support Us for more information.   Marie E. Bardin Alan and Lois Bauer Margarete C. Berg The Boeing Company Monika Boos Diana Brooking Tobias... Read more
Love in the Middle Ages - German 411
December 12, 2017
Thanks to the generous sponsorship of “500th Anniversary of the Reformation”, the German Embassy’s 2017 Campus Weeks Program, the department was able to host multiple events centered on Luther and the Reformation. In the class “Love in the Middle Ages” (German 411), students explored the way love between two humans, and humans and God was narrated and envisioned in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period, ending with Luther’s popular treaties “Von der Freiheit eines... Read more
Tommy Bell, North of Normal
December 5, 2017
Tommy Bell writes: "In the city known as “North of Normal,” Fargo, ND, I have had the tremendous opportunity to work this last semester as a German Lecturer at North Dakota State University. Encouraging colleagues have made the experience very rewarding. The students have made my time here memorable; they have a strong work ethic, and they are highly motivated to learn German. Because many of them want to spend time in Germany, they realize the importance of gaining fluency in the language. It... Read more
500th Anniversary of the Reformation
November 28, 2017
Thanks to the generous sponsorship of “500th Anniversary of the Reformation”, the German Embassy’s 2017 Campus Weeks program, the department was able to host multiple events centered on Luther and the Reformation. One very thought-provoking event was the well-attended talk by Dr. Britta Simon who shared insights about Luther with us and ignited a debate about Luther’s place in history. Dr. Simon explored the Luther phenomenon as a result of its time and predecessors,... Read more
Nina Doejen
November 21, 2017
Coming to Seattle and the UW in the beginning of September 2016, I found a beautiful city and an even more beautiful campus in a perfectly warm and sunny autumn week. Although the weather changed for the worse soon, what then started was one of the most important experiences of my academic life so far. Not only did I study at UW, a dream I’ve had since my Bachelor’s; I also had the chance to teach German as a Foreign Language to talented and engaged students on an everyday basis. Teaching my... Read more
Melissa (MJ) Durkee
November 14, 2017
MJ Durkee, Associate Professor of Law: German is a key language   In this part of the series on Languages Matter: Why we learn German, we are featuring Melissa (MJ) Durkee, Associate Professor in... Read more
Languages Matter: Cameron Vohr
November 2, 2017
I began studying German in the third year of my bachelor's degree in preparation for applying to master's programs in Germany. Now in my first semester as a master's student at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München, I'm grateful to receive a world-class education free of tuition fees. Aside from practical considerations, I believe the value of learning any language reveals itself in the imprecision of translation. Does the German word lebensbejahend really just mean "... Read more