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An Outstanding Student Experience

Students in the Department of Germanics benefit from belonging to a small, supportive learning community with ample opportunities to engage in research, critical thinking, and special projects.

Student Success Stories

Rewriting Trauma
February 27, 2020
In the wake of #MeToo or #Survivor, we find ourselves confronted with a set of new imperatives: Talk about your trauma! Share your personal story! Make it known! Break the silence! Yet, while these campaigns suggest condensing individual or shared history into 240 characters, we should not forget that literature has always provided a platform for speaking the unspeakable. Writing about traumatic experiences is as old as writing itself. War and pain, loss and grief, wounds and scars, violence,... Read more
Isaiah Back-Gaal
November 20, 2019
As a means of student outreach and facilitating discussion on supporting diversity in study abroad programs, the Department of Germanics has been inviting former students to present their perspectives on the Spring in Vienna program.  On October 25th, University of Washington alumnus Isaiah Back-Gaal spoke about his experience as a queer, Jewish American studying abroad in Vienna.  In his talk he focused on the pleasures and challenges of living in a different country and ways in which one’s... Read more
Berlin Wall
November 19, 2019
Do you remember what you did November 9, 1989?  The speakers at the Zeitzeugen Panel & Discussion sure did. To mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, former residents of East Germany, academic experts and members of the German public shared their stories with the audience in the Petersen Room at UW’s Suzallo and Allen Libraries last Friday, November 8th. Thank you to everyone who joined our lively discussion and community. A special thank you goes out to our partners, the... Read more
Ich bin ein Doughnut
November 18, 2019
This past October I attended my first ever conference at the German Studies Association annual conference in Portland, Oregon. My paper, “‘Zuckungen’ and ‘Gefühlsader’: The Desire and Impossibility of Literary Realism in Georg Büchner’s Lenz,” was well-received and I enjoyed the ensuing discussion. The seminar series, “Realism in the Age of Goethe and Its Legacy” (a GSNA-sponsored seminar series), included many interesting papers from both faculty and graduate students, engendering a pleasant... Read more
Isiaih Back-Gaal
October 23, 2019
Isaiah Back-Gaal will talk about his experience as a queer, Jewish American studying abroad in Vienna.  While at a Voguing ball, someone described Austria to him as "the Bible Belt of Europe."  Reflecting on this characterization, Isaiah will explore Vienna as a city of contradictions: home to a young, queer subculture in a deeply traditional, catholic country.  His talk will focus on the importance of centering discussions of travel and study abroad on our particular identities, precisely as... Read more
saga school internship
June 14, 2019
„Warum kannst Du so gut Deutsch sprechen?“ the Kindergarten Kids are wondering. It is Circle-Time in Kindergarten and all eyes are on the smiling intern from the University of Washington. „Weil ich Deutsch studiere!“ Madison answers and the students are amazed by this simple fact. Working together in a fun environment and having a positive role model for German is priceless, when teaching young kids the value of foreign languages. That is one of the many reasons why we love having our three... Read more
Vanessa Hester
June 14, 2019
In the past academic year, I have been representing the department as a Hanauer Fellow (2018-2019). The Joff Hanauer Fellowship is awarded each year to six graduate students from various departments within the Humanities and beyond. It provides the unique opportunity to discuss the Western cultural tradition from the viewpoints of different disciplines, preparing students for interdisciplinary scholarship. Together with five other graduate students from the departments of English (Emily George... Read more
Verena Kick
June 14, 2019
I am excited to share that I recently defended my dissertation, Negotiating the German Public Sphere: Workers, Soldiers, and Women in Photobooks of Weimar Germany. My study shows how photobooks reuse previously published images and texts to specifically address workers, soldiers, and women. I highlight how these books employ montage strategies associated with 1920s Soviet Cinema to cast these three social groups as counter-publics. My analysis of Walter Benjamin’s Einbahnstraße... Read more
Chase Emrys Stamper
June 14, 2019
I came to UW in 2014 after finishing my Master’s program at the University of Kentucky, where I taught undergraduate German for two years. I was the recipient of a Max Kade Fellowship during my first year at the University of Washington, as well as a Go-Map Fellowship for the 2018-2019 academic year, affording me the opportunity to focus more intensely on completing my dissertation project. My dissertation, "Subverting the Gazhe Gaze: Reclaiming Roma Identity in the European World and Beyond",... Read more
Drumheller Fountain June 2019
June 14, 2019
The department congratulates all students of the graduating class of 2018-2019! Many thanks to those who joined us Thursday, June 13th as we honored the academic achievements of our incredible students. We wish everyone the best of luck in the journey ahead!   Bachelor of Arts -- Germanics: Isaiah Back-Gaal Kathryn Bossio Suzi Kang Sara Koeck Briana Lindly Minors -- Germanics: Haeden Coffey Alexandra Fletcher Shayden Freebairn Haley Goodman Madison Longbottom Brandon... Read more