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People - Faculty

Richard Block
Professor of Germanics / (206) 543-6025
Office Hours: Winter Quarter: Wednesday and Friday: 11:30-12:30, and by appt.
DEN 345
Associate Professor of Germanics / (206) 543-6887
Office Hours: T 11-12; Th 1:30-2:30 and by appointment
DEN 346
Assistant Professor of Germanics, Undergraduate Adviser, Honors Adviser / (206) 221-2566
Office Hours: Email me with questions and/or to set up a Zoom meeting
DEN 342
Brigitte Prutti
Professor of German / (206) 543-4565
Office Hours: By appointment
DEN 341
Senior Lecturer / (206) 221-7758
Office Hours: Please email to set up a Zoom meeting
DEN 336
Associate Professor of Germanics / (206) 543-4189
Office Hours: Spring 2020: M 4:30-5, Th, 2-3, or by appt. E-mail me to schedule a Zoom session for advising!
DEN 338
Sabine Wilke
Joff Hanauer Distinguished Professor in Western Civilization, Chair, Graduate Adviser / (206) 543-4580
Office Hours: By appointment
DEN 360

Emeritus Faculty

Professor Emeritus, Germanics / (206) 543-4580
Professor Emerita, Germanics and Comparative Literature / (206) 543-4580
Joff Hanauer Distinguished Professor of Western Civilization Emerita (Germanics and Comparative Literature) / (206) 543-4580
Rick Gray
Professor of Germanics, Byron W. and Alice L. Lockwood Professor in the Humanities

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Email / Phone
Canfield-Budde, David Affiliate Assistant Professor, Germanics
Kaup, Monika Adjunct Professor, English, Comparative Literature, and Germanics
(206) 221-6509
Nascimento, Amos Adjunct Professor, Philosophy, Interdisciplinary A&S UW Tacoma, and Germanics
Pfaff, Steven Adjunct Professor, Sociology and Germanics
Simon, Britta Affiliate Assistant Professor, Germanics; Director of Summer Quarter, Academic Programs
(206) 685-6303
Switek , Niko DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor
(206) 616 9232
Tilghman, Heidi Affiliate Assistant Professor, Germanics; Manager, Arts & Humanities Shared Services Center

Max Kade Professors

Visiting Scholars

Additional UW Faculty Involved in German Studies