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Unglück und Zerstreung
June 19, 2017
In one of their creative adaptations in the fall 2015 seminar on German Enlightenment to Post-Classical Drama (GERM 421), students transformed the Austrian dramatist Franz Grillparzer’s gothic play Die Ahnfrau (The Ancestress) into a silent film. The play was first performed on the Viennese popular stage in 1817; the silent movie version from our course was posted on YouTube in 2015. Then it was blocked for a while due to a copyright claim. The copyrighted music has since been... Read more
Vienna 1900 Feuilleton Project
June 19, 2017
Students collaborated in groups on contributions to a feuilleton journal modeled on similar publications from turn of the century ViennaTheir completed projects featured their creative interpretations of the cultural, literary, social and artistic trends of fin-de-siècle Vienna.  Examples of the various articles from the six feuilletons produced: a theater critique of Kokoschka’s Murderer, Hope of Women, an editorial by Freud reflecting on Arthur Schnitzler, a review of a... Read more
Performing Schnitzler
June 19, 2017
For their Theater Project in German 351: Vienna 1900, students wrote and performed a 'lost scene' from  Schnitzler's Reigen, or presented a creative interpretation of Anatol.  Students were asked to draw on the themes and style of the plays and their knowledge of the social context of Vienna to demonstrate their insight into issues of sexuality and gender roles during this era.
new takes
June 19, 2017
In "Introduction to Literary Studies" (German 311), students have hands-on fun with German poems, stories, and plays. For their final project (winter quarter, 2017), students planned their own innovative productions of classic German plays. We were treated to reports from the director, dramaturg, set and costume designers, and a sample scene from the proposed production. Two groups decided to put on Lessing's Emilia Galotti, a timely 18th-century tragedy about the abuse of power over... Read more
Moritz Baßler
June 15, 2017
Professor Moritz Baßler was the Spring 2017 Distinguished Max Kade Visiting Professor in the Department of Germanics. While in the department, he offered a seminar on Contemporary German literature: Popular Realism. Interview with Professor Moritz Baßler, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität MünsterDistinguished Max Kade Visiting ProfessorBy Kristina Pilz and Vanessa SchmolkeSpring 2017 VS:  In the field of Germanics,... Read more
Kristina Pilz
June 15, 2017
To Kristina Pilz, who is this year’s recipient of the Manfred Bansleben Award for excellence in teaching. The award was established in honor of Prof. Emeritus Manfred Bansleben, who built a successful language program and trained hundreds of language teachers during his career. Manfred has always recognized the importance of teaching assistants and the many contributions they make to a language program. The award, which comes with a stipend, acknowledges one graduate student who has... Read more
Jasmin Krakenberg
June 14, 2017
I am thrilled to share the news that I just defended my dissertation on contemporary German cinema, entitled  "Art, Cinema, and the Berlin School.” The Berlin School is a key development in German cinema since 1995. I argue that the four art genres organizing my dissertation--portraiture, landscape, still life, and history--become key categories for analyzing film when descriptive and self-reflexive moments temporarily suspend the flow of the story. My research offers a conceptual framework for... Read more
Graduating Class 0f 2016-2017
June 8, 2017
The department congratulates all students of the graduating class of 2016-2017! We were pleased that so many were able to join us for our convocation on June 10th to honor the academic achievements of our incredible students. We wish everyone the best of luck in the journey ahead!   Bachelor of Arts - Germanics  Addison Combs   Sarah Dietderich Madeline Grossblatt Dylan Hundley *  Hayley McCord Trang Ngoc Thuy Nguyen William Packard Erika Pelayo Esther Purcell... Read more
Justin Mohler
June 5, 2017
Justin Mohler and Kye Terrasi presented their research project Digital Humanities in the Language and Culture Classroom and Beyond at the 2017 Teaching and Learning Symposium at UW.  Their poster presentation explored ways of integrating Digital Humanities technology such as ArcGIS into the classroom as a tool for students to access and perform research on the cultural, social and geographical makeup of a city through the mapping of data and analysis of the results.    Justin and Kye's... Read more
June 1, 2017
My One-Year as a Preschool Teacher   While writing my dissertation, I would have never imagined working as a preschool teacher; but, that has, indeed, turned out to be the case, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The experience has been invaluable, as I have developed an array of skills necessary for success in life – principally, the attributes of patience and flexibility! I have also gained a more thorough understanding of how people think, act, respond to others, resolve... Read more