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Poetry and Poetics

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  • Richard T. Gray, Ghostwriting: W. G. Sebald’s Poetics of History. New Directions in German Studies. London and New York: Bloomsbury, 2017. Learn more
  • Anthropocenic Poetics: Ethics and Aesthetics in a New Geological Age. RCC Perspcetives 3 (2013): 67-80. Learn more
  • Nicole Calian. "Poesie und Natur. Ein Gespräch./ Poetry and Nature. A Dialogue. Interview with poet and photographer Rosemarie Zens, Berlin." Im Schein der Laterne/Hidden Patterns. Wortort: 2010. 48-53. Learn more
  • BlackWhite – Experiences and Writing Practices in Contemporary Afro-German Literature Learn more

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